Why You Need Strong Boxes 

When you are moving home, you want to make sure that you get all your items there in one piece and choosing the right strong box is vital. You ideally want something that is specifically made for the job and won’t fall apart when the removals firm come to take your stuff away.

Our large strong boxes are simply perfect for the job. They have a double wall which means they are extra strong and can be stacked one upon the other to save space. They’re a good size too which means you can get plenty of your items into each box.

Tips for Packing Your Strong Boxes

  • You will no doubt have a selection of items from the very fragile to the more robust. Try to keep like for like when you are packing a particular box. For instance, if you have books, keep them in one box and put ornaments and other fragile items in another.
  • Have enough boxes for all your items. We sell our strong boxes in groups of ten at a little under just £2.00 each. The great news is that these boxes can be used time and time again when you need them.
  • Make sure you put in enough padding for your fragile items. For things like china, this includes putting in an initial layer of scrunched up paper before you begin loading up. You can protect individual items by wrapping them separately either in paper or more cushioning bubble wrap.
  • Make sure you label your strong boxes with where they need to go in your new home and whether the items are fragile or not. The last thing you want is the removals team throwing your best china into the back of their van, no matter how well you’ve packed them.

Choose Quality Packing Boxes

It pays to choose durable and hard wearing strong boxes that are designed for the job rather than trying to get different sized ones from your local supermarket. It might appear like a cost saving but if items get broken or the bottom drops out, it could set you back a lot more. It’s worth buying specially made boxes because they have a strong design which means they can protect your belongings better. Ours also have clear spaces on the lids where you can write instructions for the removals team.

These strong boxes come in flat pack but are very easy to put together and once you have finished with them they can be flattened out again and stored away for another occasion. The double wall on the boxes means that you can be sure you have a product that is perfectly designed for moving home. It’s not just home owners who love these strong boxes either – they’re ideal for businesses that are planning a move or just want somewhere durable and safe to store their items. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other quite easily and save space as well.

If you want a storage solution that does the job, then check out our great pack of 10 large strong boxes right now.