Why You Need a Mattress Bag

Moving Home? Storing Furniture?

It may not be top of your list of things to acquire but a mattress cover can help keep one of your biggest pieces of furniture safe and secure. Not only that, you can use the mattress cover for other items like armchairs, particularly when you decide to move home. Made of durable but lightweight plastic, our mattress covers will ensure all your property gets to its new location in great condition. 

The Benefits of a Mattress Bag

  • Clear plastic covers that are designed specifically to protect mattresses.
  • They’re made of high quality, tear resistant plastic.
  • You get great value for money and protect your mattresses over the short and long term.
  • They can be reused when you have something else that you need to cover like items of furniture.

Moving Mattresses

One time a mattress cover comes in really useful is when you are moving house. Your removal firm will be happy to lift and carry your mattress in whatever condition and load it onto their lorry. During this process, it can get knocked, dragged along the ground and shoved into the corner of a van or truck that has seen better days. It’s a good idea to make sure your mattress is protected if you want it to arrive in tip top condition.

Storing Mattresses

If you have mattresses at home that only get used when someone comes to visit, then putting on a cover can help protect them from everything from damp to dust. It can prolong the life of your mattress and make sure it’s nice and clean when you have visitors come to stay. If you have pets such as cats that like to find comfortable places to sleep, it can protect the surface of your mattress and keep it in premium condition.

If you’re a business that sells mattresses then, of course, you need the right kind of cover – one that will protect the mattress and allow you to lift and move it easily without tearing. Our covers are highly durable and provide the protection you need and they come in packs of 25 at a great price.

Protecting Mattresses While You’re Away

If you are planning to go away from home for a while, you don’t want your mattresses to be subject to the elements. Putting them in a convenient plastic wrapper can make all the difference and make sure they remain in good condition for when you return. 

Mattress Covers for Your Furniture

Our mattress covers aren’t just great for the bedroom. Many of our clients use them for other items of furniture, especially when they’re in the process of moving. They’re easy to handle and can be used again and again for different items as and when you need them.

Mattress Covers for Business

For businesses that handle mattresses and other furniture, our covers are a cost-effective way to keep your stock in good condition. Items like mattresses can spend a lot of time in a warehouse waiting to be collected. During that time, they’re open to the vagaries of the local conditions and certainly need protecting. You can get a 25/pack set of mattress covers for a low cost and make sure you keep your valuable stock safe and sound.

If you want a product that continuously protects your mattresses and keeps them in great condition, then check out our current supply of covers.