Keep All Your Important Documents Safe and Secure With These Archive Boxes

It’s easy to think that all cardboard boxes are the same isn’t it? Sure they might be different sizes but they’re all basically the same right? Wrong because there’s many different styles of boxes with their own unique uses and while boxes by their very design are very versatile some are designed with specially usages in mind.

Archive boxes are one such type of box and as their name suggests they are designed for the safe keeping and storage of documents in archives. This means they could be potentially stored for a very long time and therefore they need to be very strong and long lasting. They will also need to have an area where you can mark the box and write on what it contains. So people can see at a glance what type of materials and documents are stored inside the box.

Larger archives could potentially have hundreds or possible even thousands of archives boxes in them so they need to be easily told from one another at least in some way. So archive boxes will usually have plenty of space for clear labelling and they are designed to ensure maximum safety and security of the documents they hold.

Unlike many other types of cardboard boxes an archive box as a specially designed separate lid rather than the traditional box flaps. This makes stacking them easy and simple and gives them an extra stronger layer of protection, this is essential because archive boxes can be stored for a very long periods without use.

What Makes A Great Archive Box?

These strong and durable archive boxes are perfect for storing your documents and would suit both business and personal use. They are easily assembled and feature strong and durable carry handles so you can easily move and transport these boxes from place to place. Plus they also feature double wall construction which gives them even more strength and durability.

Thanks to their already strong cardboard build and durable double wall design these archive boxes are sure to be very long lasting and strong so they can carry a lot of documents safely. Archive boxes are generally required to hold a lot of documents so thanks to their strong design these archive boxes are sure to be a reliable and safe storage option.

These BoxCorp archive boxes are also available in two sizes so whatever documents you need to store you’ll be able to have a high quality archive box that will do the job. The smaller archive box is 38.5cm x 31cm x 24.5cm in size while the second archive box is slightly larger with total dimensions measuring 406mm x 331mm x 318mm.

With both these sizes you can store a huge variety of documents in complete safety and won’t have to worry about having documents that are too big to be stored safely. Whether for your own personal use at home or in a professional business these strong archive boxes are perfect for keeping all your documents safe and secure for as long as you need.