The removals process is much faster

It is simple to gather your various gadgets, knick knacks and utensils, then place them into a packing box.  Once in the box, the removal can be carried out more safely and efficiently.  The removers will also know exactly where each labelled box should go, saving you even more time and money.


Using packing boxes in safer

Using boxes allows you to wrap and stow-away potentially dangerous items like knives, scissors, or other sharp objects.  There is no risk of someone accidentally handling a potentially dangerous when they are secured inside a moving box.  You can also limit the weight of items placed into each box — reducing the risk that someone is injured when attempting to lift an item.


You can fit more into the removals truck

Because packing boxes are square and come in specific sizes, you can really make the most of the room in the removals truck.  That helps you same money, especially if you are using a part load removals service.


Tips For Using Packing Boxes

Here are some simple tips for making the most of packing boxes!

Sort by category
Separating items according to their category makes finding things much easier when you arrive at your destination.  Keep books together, kitchen items together, clothes together, bathroom supplies together, tools together and so on.  You can also use subcategories to make finding things even easier.  For example, you can keep kitchen utensils, kitchen cups, and kitchen plates in separate packing boxes, allowing you to unpack them sequentially.