The Best Way to Pack Your China and Glasses in a Removals Box

When you choose any removals box, you want to get the best out of it and you want it to be secure. Fragile items like china and glass need special care when you pack things away, of course. It’s important not only to have the correct box that can handle the weight and is durable enough, but also to make sure you have suitable packing materials that ensure you items don’t break in transit.

The first thing to do is to get all your china, ornaments and other fragile objects out in one place so that you can see what you need to fit in the box or boxes. Most removal companies will tell you to put the heavier items into the box first and then put lighter ones on top, which is great advice to follw. You need to have your box near to hand and your packing paper ready to use.

Our first top tip is to make sure that you have a strong box and secure the bottom properly so that your china and other items won’t fall through when you lift it. Cover the bottom of the box with scrunched up paper or layers of bubble wrap to provide an extra supportive and cushioning layer.

Start with the biggest, heaviest item, which could be something like a large serving plate. Wrap the item in paper, using two layers for added protection. Once it is wrapped you can put it into the box. The best way to do this is not to put the plate in bottom first but to place it sideways.

If you’re packing a set of dinner plates, then put the whole lot in the same box. You can do this two plates at a time. You simply ensure there is a layer of paper between the two plates and then wrap a couple of sheets around them together.

Anything with a lid such as a dish or bowl causes additional problems, especially if it has a fragile knob. The way to do this is to turn the lid upside down on top of the bowl – make sure you have a sheet of paper over the bowl opening before you put the lid in position. Again, two sheets of paper around the item should protect it well.

Once you’ve finished your first layer, put a layer of scrunched paper over the top to provide more protection.

If you have something like a china teapot, you’ll have a number of different weak points that need to be protected such as the handle and spout. Scrunch up some paper and wrap it gently around these areas and then carefully wrap the whole in layers of paper. Again, put the lid upside down on the top to protect it. With these items, more packing is better than less. Pack in an upright position for better protection rather than laying the item on its side.

Wine glasses need extra paper wrapped around the stem before you start to wrap it in paper. Once more, the safest way to put it in the box is upright. Normal drinking glasses simply need to be wrapped in a couple of layers of paper.

Before you shut the box and put it aside, you need to add an extra layer of packing to further protect the top part. Scrunch up some more paper to do this. Seal the box with tap across the top and around the edges. It helps to mark the box, where you want it to go and note that it contains fragile items.

Packing your removal boxes in this way will ensure your property gets to its new home all in one piece.