The Benefits of Bubble Wrap

When you need to protect valuable items, and make sure they get from A to B in one piece, bubble wrap is one of the most cost-effective and popular solutions. It can be used for a multitude of tasks from making sure your house move run smoothly to protecting items you want to store in the attic. If you are a business it ensures your products get to the customer in good condition and you don’t have to fork out on costly replacements.

What is Bubble Wrap?

Basically, it’s a plastic sheet that is easily manipulated, which uses regularly spaced air pockets that protect items that are being moved or stored. Actually, bubble wrap has been around for years. Since 1957 in fact. It’s become a staple of wrapping gifts and moving home for a good few decades now. You can get rolls of bubble wrap that can be used for a variety of thing. Because it’s so durable, it can also be used over and again, as and when you need it.

Bubble wrap works by cushioning the item inside so that it is less likely to break. There are different kinds depending on the objects it is designed to protect.

What to Use Bubble Wrap For

You can use it for any item and always having a roll on hand is an absolute godsend. Companies will often have it in store for sending out fragile items and home owners use it for everything from storing valuable items in the loft to moving house and sending gifts out to loved ones. The benefit of bubble wrap is that it can be reused and is more protective that something, for example, like paper.

Of course, there are some people who simply like sitting and popping the bubbles on our wraps and we all know how therapeutic that can be!

The Benefits of Bubble Wrap

  • It’s strong and flexible and you can wrap almost anything in it.
  • The bubbles in the wrap prevent pressure from being applied to any particular part of an object ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged while being transported.
  • If you have to store items over a long period of time you don’t have to worry that the bubble wrap will degrade in anyway and your item remains covered and secure.
  • For businesses, using bubble wrap reduces costs because you don’t have to employ other kinds of protective wrapping.
  • Bubble wrap produces the highest level of protection compared to other methods.
  • It’s used for transporting and storing everything from glass and mirrors, artwork and gadgets to ornaments and your favourite china.

We provide two high quality bubble wrap products. The first is our 10-metre roll which is 50 cm wide. The second is 25 metres and 75cm wide. Both these products are high quality and can fulfil almost any wrapping needs. Whether you want to wrap your plates and crockery to make sure they survive a move or have a delivery that you need to get out to your customers safely, these two products should give you everything you need.

If you want a product that keeps your items safe and secure, then check out our line of quality bubble wrap online right now.