Large Storage Boxes And Their Many Uses!

Boxes are going to be something we will always need when you think about it few things are quiet as long lasting as a quality cardboard box. Whether it’s for temporary short term storage or you’re looking for a more long term storage solution a large storage box is something you can always rely on to do the job.

These large storage boxes from BoxCorp are the ideal mover’s storage box and are used professionally within the moving industry. With total dimensions of 47cm x 47cm x 50cm these roomy boxes can be used to safely to store plenty of items and they come in bulk lots of 10.

So just one lot could potentially clear a whole house or area. But while it might sound strange having plenty of room isn’t the only important part of a high quality storage box. A storage box needs to offer more than just storage space it also needs to be strong, durable and long lasting and thankfully these large storage boxes offer all that and much more.

They’re made from high quality, thick and durable cardboard and they even feature a double wall which means that these large storage boxes have increased durability and won’t fall apart easily. That means they can be transported with confidence across great distances and can also be safely stacked on top of each other.

What more do you really need from a storage box?

Whatever you need these storage boxes for they’ll prove to be a valuable resource with a huge variety of uses. The double wall build of these great boxes makes them especially useful for larger scale removals as it quite literally offers your belongings a double layer of protection.

By having 2 layers of corrugated board in their construction these boxes are also much stronger than a regular standard cardboard box and therefore can carry a greater range of items in complete safety. That means that carrying bulkier and heavier items won’t be an issue anymore with these stronger and larger storage boxes.

It also means that they your belongings will also be better protected from those bumps and knocks when they’re in transit. Plus the boxes will be more resistant to the elements like the wind and rain. Of course no one plans to leave their boxes out in the wind and rain but sometime while moving them exposure to the elements is impossible to avoid.

But with these stronger and more durable boxes you’ll be able to ensure that exposure to the elements won’t significantly harm the boxes strength or damage anything inside.  The large open space offered by these boxes also means you’ll have plenty of room to add enough packaging to your belongings.

So you don’t have to cut down on packaging to save space and risk potential harm coming to anything packed inside. With 10 large boxes per lot these storage boxes are ideal for anyone who is planning to move house, professional moving firms and businesses or individuals looking for a safe and long lasting storage solution.