Bubble Wrap – Your Number One Packaging Solution

It’s easy to forget about how useful bubble wrap is isn’t it? While it’s not the only packaging method available it is by far the most popular and no it is not just a material you use to pop to relieve stress, although it is admittedly great for that as well. So let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways bubble wrap can help you with all you’re packaging and moving needs.

Fragile Items: When it comes to packaging your belongings there’s always bound to be fragile items from everyday items like plates and glassware to more unusual items like fragile china ornaments and much more. There’s a huge range of fragile items that many people have in their home and bubble wrap will give you the perfect way to keep them safe and secure during transit.

Extra Cushioned Support: While bubble wrap is traditionally used to wrap around products it is not the only way to use it. In fact simply layering bubble wrap along the bottom or the sides of the box is a great way to give your belongings an extra level of protection.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Used For Transit: Bubble wrap and transit boxes make a great team but they can also be used with a variety of other boxes. For example archive boxes can be cushioned with bubble wrap to give the documents a more cushioned platform to rest on. Bubble wrap can also be used as insulation so having a layer around documents can keep them protected from the cold air.

This high quality bubble wrap from BoxCorp is available in two sizes so you have more options for how to use it. Items that need wrapping during transit come in all shapes and sizes so with a range of bubble wraps sizes available any items you have can be safely wrapped up for safe storage and transit.

The first role of bubble wrap is 10 meters in length and 50 cm wide while the larger bubble wrap role available is 25 meters in length and 75 cm wide. With both these bubble wrap roles you can safely wrap a wide variety of items for transit. The other great thing about bubble wrap is that it can also be reused at least a few times although this does depend on what items you’re packaging with it.

And while using it to transport your belongings during a home or business move is one of the most common uses for bubble wrap you can also use it to transport items long distances. In fact if you sell items online through sites like eBay or Amazon then you’ll always need a good supply of bubble wrap on hand.

It’s a staple of transit in all its forms for any reason and with two great bubble wrap roles to choose from you’ll be able to carry out a variety of tasks in complete peace of mind. So if you’re moving home, sending goods through the post or even looking to keep some belongings in storage for a while bubble wraps offers you a great extra layer of protective padding.