Bubble wrap: a must in the list of packing materials

Bubble wrap is one of the most effective materials that are used for the packing of your goods. This material allows you to install a protective layer on your objects to save them from any damage. These materials are used informally at home and they are also used by the manufacturers to wrap up the new products. These wrapped up products are then saved into the boxes. However, bubble wraps have a lot of advantages due to which they are widely used all over the world. 
The bubble wrap offered by Boxcorp comes in two different types that are explained below: 

1. Bubble wrap:
The size of these bubble wraps is 50cm x 10 meters i.e. they are 50 cm wide and 10 meters long. They are mostly used for the packing of fragile items. As you know, the handling and shifting of fragile items are quite tricky. You don’t want to lose your favourite dinner set plate just because you have not used a bubble wrap while packing them. This bubble wrap will provide maximum protection to all your fragile products. So get your own bubble wrap to safely transfer your belongings to different places. 

2. Large bubble wrap: 
The large bubble wraps are best to pack your furniture. Apart from packing the small things, you also have to save your big items when you are moving them to a different place. These large sized bubble wraps are the ones that are best to use when it comes to wrapping your favourite table. The size of these bubble wrap is 750mm x 25 meters i.e. they are 75 cm wide and 25 meters long. Moreover, they are made up of high quality material that allows you to pack and protect your objects without even worrying about any damage. 
Benefits of using bubble wraps by boxcorp: 
These bubble wraps have a lot of benefits that are explained below: 
• These are made up of highly strong material that prevents your packed item from any kind of breakage. They are elastic as well, can wrap up any item of your house. 
• These bubble wraps are moisture resistant. No liquid can harm their strength. You can use them in the presence of water as well. 
• The bubble wraps by boxcorp are the best to save your belongings from any kind of abrasion. Your packed item will not get damaged or scratched if they are wrapped in these bubble wrap. 
• They are light in weight and easy to handle. Just unfold the pack and use wrap them up on any item. Even a child can use them for packing their stuff. 
• Another great feature of these bubbles wrap is that they are transparent. Their transparency allows you to look at the object that is packed. In this way, you don’t have to put in much effort to recognise the products you packed.