Archive Storage Boxes

Perfect for Home or Office

We all need to make the most of our space in today’s modern world. Whether you are in the home or the office, those files, books and folders can quickly build up and begin to take over. Having a great storage solution is one way to help solve your problems – as the saying goes ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.

Our archive boxes are durable and built to last and they can handle everything from documents and files to books and magazines.

The Benefits of Archive Storage Boxes

  • They are great for a wide range of storage needs. Everyone from businesses to home owners and even students can find a good use for them.
  • They are easy to assemble and take up less space if you need to store all your documents in one place because you can easily stack separate boxes.
  • They allow you to order your archives according to what type of document or content you put in, either by date or subject matter.
  • They can hold box files and A4 or foolscap folders.
  • They’re made of durable, lightweight but very strong card, with easy to use carrying handles. Our boxes are also a carbon friendly way to store the stuff you might need at a later date.
  • The boxes can be put in storage cupboards or up in the attic until you need them.
  • With the double wall design, our archive boxes are stronger than your average storage container and take just a few moments to assemble. Once you finished using them you can simply dismantle, store and save for something else.

Archive Storage for Businesses

Many companies have office paperwork that they don’t need right now but need to keep and store. This can include details of historic transactions and important documents about clients. All this office paperwork can take up valuable space in the office so finding a better way to store it is a great idea. Our archive storage boxes are ideal for businesses simply because they’re so durable, easy to pack, stack and store as well as being great quality products.

Archive Storage for the Home

You may not have the number of documents and folders that businesses have, but every home needs some extra storage. If you want to put some items away safe in the garage or loft, these are strong enough to take practically anything from Grandma’s old china to the books you no longer want on your shelf. Most of us have items we don’t want around but don’t want to throw away either. An archive storage box is the perfect solution.

Archive Storage for Students

If you have plenty of stuff to take to college or university, a storage box is simply the best solution. Once you’ve unpacked, you can fold it up and put it out of the way out of sight. It’s great for storing books, folders and all your university paperwork in one place.

Our archive storage boxes come in two sizes. The standard is 38.5cm x 31cm x 24.5cm and the slightly larger one is 40.6cm x 33.1cm x 31.8cm. They are strong and versatile, a great cost effective way to store all your documents and keep all your property safe.

Find our archive boxes here.